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Why is IFT (International Fair of Technologies) Agro 2017 taking place, and what value does it deliver to exhibitors and sponsors?

  • Modernizing Chile’s farming sector – utilizing ever-more sophisticated global technologies to increase yields and reduce costs – is a vital national goal. It’s a bold objective important enough to warrant its own specialized professional national event. Companies send a powerful message that they support Chile’s great national aspiration when they step forward as an exhibitor or sponsor of IFT Agro 2017.
  • Having proven itself as a regional event in 2016, IFT Agro 2017, in partnership with Agricola Central, has secured nationwide support from a dozen additional regional and crop-specific associations, government entities and publications. For farm technology suppliers with a limited sales budget for Chile, IFT Agro 2017 is the ideal choice because it targets buyers from throughout the entire country.
  • The presidents of these associations have been invited to Talca during IFT Agro 2017 for a National Agricultural Leadership Summit to discuss and set in motion plans for a unified national effort to raise the profile of the agricultural industry, and gain a more prominent voice in national debates over issues such as water rights and funding for additional farming sector support programs.
  • As Chilean farmers purchase and deploy complex modern technologies in their day-to-day operations, the information they require is becoming increasingly specialized. IFT Agro 2017 exhibitors have complimentary access to a fully-equipped Presentation Area where they can explain their most sophisticated equipment and services directly to end-user customers, provide immediate answers to their customers’ questions, and collect invaluable first-hand market feedback.
  • Irrigation equipment, in particular, is in URGENT demand and the Chilean government will pay up to 100% of the cost of purchasing farm irrigation systems. The agency that makes these funds available, INDAP, is an active stakeholder in IFT Agro 2017 and will be expanding the efforts it took in support of the first edition of the show by arranging transport to IFT Agro 2017 from a larger catchment area.
  • IFT Agro will again offer a comprehensive conference program with a special focus on the role of modern genetic science to increase yield and produce higher-value crops, livestock and dairy products. This topic, identified by the farm industry itself as being of utmost relevance, will drive additional visitor traffic to the show.
  • IFT Agro 2017 is designed to give a wide cross-section of Chilean farmers – ranging from senior managers of large-scale corporate production operations, to smaller family-operated farm personnel – an opportunity to meet leading agricultural experts from throughout the world, face-to-face, in the easily-accessible heart of Chile’s centrally-located farming region.
  • Kallman Worldwide is the leading exhibition and conference organizer in Chile. The name Kallman Worldwide is synonymous with international trade and high standards. IFT Agro 2017 is the 8th event mounted by Kallman Worldwide Latin America, and will continue to raise the bar for overall quality. This commitment to excellence is reflected in all aspects of event operations including the manner in which conference topics and presenters have been selected; the depth and breadth of the national visitor promotion campaign; the upgrading of on-site facilities / amenities; the general look and feel of the venue including registration areas, informational and directional signage, site cleanliness, etc.; reflecting Kallman Worldwide’s respect for the importance and sophistication of Chile’s agricultural industry.